It's well into the New Year and I wonder how many New Years Resolutions are still intact. No matter, it is never too late to begin new behaviors to make life more productive. If I could have a 1998 wish for NAVVF it would be that more members, especially younger members, become active and involved in this life of our family association. As an organization that depends entirely on the voluntary work of our members, we will survive only as long as members take responsibility for the many tasks that must be done.

Most of us are unaware of the small number of members who take responsibility for essential, time consuming tasks. They do this quietly and voluntarily so our family's proud heritage can be preserved. I plan to recognize them in some special way at our annual reunion in Reno. They join others who have gone before in dedication to this organization. Our leadership, however, is "graying". It is time and necessary for the next generations to be active and involved. And to attract these younger members, we must recognize and accept the possibility that our programs and ways of doing things may change to accommodate their interests.

So, this is a call to the "baby boomers" - come and join in - help to assure the future preservation of your Van Valkenburg heritage, a heritage that is a proud part of the history of our country.

There are so many stories of Van Valkenburg individuals and families -- some told, some untold, some known, some unknown who help to weave the fabric of our national history. To be a traceable part of this history is to be in touch with who we are.

Mary E. Van Valkenburgh

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