Jean M. Mersereau, Chairman, NAVVF-GCHS Liaison Comittee

My third annual visit to the Vedder memorial Library in Coxsackie, New York, was scheduled for October 6 and 7, 1998. On Sunday, October 5, my committee member, John C. VAN VALKENBURG, and his wife, Patricia J., of Athens, Greene County, New York, joined me for an enjoyable evening reviewing the box of NAVVF materials, which I would be depositing at the library. Sandra L. VAN VALKENBURG, our NAVVF Genealogist, had presented the materials in the genealogical workshp during the August Annual Meeting in Reno, Nevada. John and Pat found some information which they planned to research further. Pat, a librarian in Athens, also agreed to serve as the third member of our liaison committee.

When I arrived at the library on Tuesday, October 6, Raymond BEECHER, the Librarian, was pleased to receive the large box of NAVVF materials. He immediately enlisted the assistance of Sidney Castle, a volunteer staff member, who completed the accessioning of the twelve (12) items before I left at closing time. As space permits, a fairly descriptive account of the deposited materials will be provided below.

Mr. Beecher led me on a tour of the library, pointing out the increased volume of materials that the library had received during the past year from other groups and individuals. He also showed me their improved methods of preserving the vulnerable items, which the library receives. Plans for utilizing storage space in the basement were being implemented, and future expansion of the facility are in the planning stage.

During my two-day visit, it was possible for me to add to the VAN VALKENBURG probate information which I had obtained in 1997. The probate packets provided items which, if not too fragile, could be photocopied. Some hand-copied information has been made available to Sandra VAN VALKENBURG, our Genealogist.

By the time this article appears in the 1999 Fall Issue of News Notes, I will have visited the Library again on August 10 and 11, 1999, following the Annual Meeting in Hartford, Connecticut. Another box of materials will have been deposited for safekeeping and for research.

This portion of our update will describe the items that were added to our NAVVF collection at the GCHS Library in 1998. They are the following:

1) Iretus Monroe VAN VALKENBURG (Br 1): Ledger of handwritten family group sheets, showing descendants of Johannes VAN VALKENBURG (Br 1). Included in the files of Peg SICA, the immediate Past NAVVF Genealogist, and had been donated by the family of Paul I. VV, son of Iretus.

2) Jay Mills VAN VALKENBURGH (Br 7): Three (3) genealogical record books (4"x7" black loose-leaf binders) with ancestor charts showing his VV ancestry through Jacobus VAN VALKENBURG (Br 7) and Christina WINNE. His allied lines, through the female spouses also are charted. Donated by Howard A. VAN VALKENBURGH (Br 7), through Sandra VAN VALKENBURG, NAVVF Genealogist.

3) Genealogy of the Van Valkenburgh Familly. (18 page pamphlet book) "Prepared orginally by Jane Beardsley Hubbard From Original Sources and the Field Museum of Chicago, Illinois; Compiled and Printed in the Interest of the Van Valkenburgh Family by Wm. B. and John J. Van Valkenburgh in 1923; Further Research Compiled and Printed by William Moore Van Valkenburgh, II (a great cousin of the above named Jane B. Hubbard) in 1953." The book names members of the present Branch 4, as descendants of Jacob VAN VALKENBURGH (1726-1784), who settled in Claverack, Columbia County, New York, where he married and had two daughters -- Catherine and Bata -- and one son, Bartholomew Jacob, born there 25 May 1753. This early information also names Jacob's brother, Bartholomeus, who came with Jacob from Holland in 1746. Bartholomeus is said to have gone to Canada, and Jacob never heard from him again. The two brothers are said to have been linear descendants of Mabthius VAN VALKENBUERGH (1560-1631) of Haarlem, Holland. Included in the files of Peg SICA, Past VV Genealogist, to whom it had been donated by Paul I. VAN VALKENBURG's family from his collection, and is an early version of the origin of the VVs in America.

4) Cattle Ranch, The Story Of the Douglas Lake Cattle Company. Nina G. Wooliams, author; Douglas & McIntyre, publishers, Vancouver, British Columbia; copyright by author 1979. Three (3) VAN VOLKENBURGH brothers -- Benjamin, Abraham, and Isaac -- have prominent roles in this true story of the Canadian cattle business. They are described as "Americans of Dutch extraction," who, with Jerome Harper and Edward Toomey, formed a company -- Messrs. VAN VOLKENBURGH & Co. The brothers were experienced butchers. In 1867 Isaac VV was butchering at the Williams Creek Goldfields. Later, in 1881, Benjamin is mentioned as an experienced butcher from the Cariboo mines market. Other information about their families is included. Donated by Jessie M. (REAGH) BELCHER (Br 6) -- great-grand-daughter of Amanda Jane (VAN VALKEN-BURG) REAGH, through Sandra VAN VALKENBURG, NAVVF Genealogist.

5) The Ancestors of Charles Francis Richelieu. Copyright 1994 by Charles Francis RICHELIEU, author and publisher; soft-cover book that includes an index (pp 275-303) and six (6) appendices. The VAN VALKENBURGH line appears on page 300 with at least 52 VV names listed. He first mentions VAN VALKENBURGHs on page 28. Maria, daughter of William and Cathrina (VOSBURGH) VAN VALKENBURGH, was born 3 Feb 1807 in Kinderhook, Columbia County, New York. Her parents were married 12 Jan 178_ in Claverack, Columbia County, New York. Maria, who married Zacharius FOSTER, died 25 May 1866. She was living with her daughter, Catherine, and son-in-law, Dominick RICHELIEU, on Albany Street in Kinderhook, according to the 1860 Federal Census and the 1865 State Census. The house, pictured in the book, still stands on Albany Street. A photo of Maria is on page 27.

6) The Van Volkenburg Kinology 1995. Compiled by Helen S. VAN VOLKENBURG, 1132 North 28th Street, Tacoma, WA 98403. Genealogy #1: Zachias (Zacharia) VAN VOLKENBURG was born about 1817 in New York State, and died 30 Oct 1862. He married 7 Aug 1841 in Holland, New York, Bessie COLE, who was born about 1824 in New York State. Their children were Maria (born 1846 in New York State; Ira, born 1848, and James K., born 1854 -- both born in Michigan; Ezra, born 1857 (no birthplace listed); and Willliam Calob, born 3 Aug 1861 in Laingsburg, Shiawassee County, Michigan.

7) The Confession of Elizabeth Van Valkenburg Who was Executed for the Murder of her husband John Van Valkenburg, January 24, 1846; Comprising a History of her Life, in which some Awful Disclosures are made; Together with The Sentence of the Judge, and the Letter of the Governor refusing to interfere with the execution of the law. "Copyright Secured. Printed and sold by G. Henry and W. N. Clark, Johnstown, Fulton County N.Y." "Confession at Fulton Co., Ny. jail, Jan. 26, 1846." Elizabeth born July 1799, Bennington, VT. (This is a sixteen-page enlarged photocopy with a small photocopy stapled to the title page.)

8) "Van Valkenburgh Family Notes." Typed Family Group Sheets (no compiler and no title page); 144 pages on plain paper. They are probably Paul Iretus VAN VALKENBURG's notes, since his father's death is typed. The records were checked by the NAVVF, Inc. Genealogy Committee, Sandra L. VAN VALKENBURG, Chairman and Family Genealogist. The notes (Br 1) begin with Peter VAN VALKENBURGH, baptized 12 June 1748, son of Jeronymous 3 (Jerome) VAN VALKENBURGH and Marytie VAN BUREN. Peter married Cornelia de WANDERLAER.

9) The Minutes of the Orphanmasters of New Amsterdam, 1663-1668. Translated from the Dutch by Edmund B. O'Callaghan; Edited by Kenn Stryker-Rodda and Kenneth Scott. Published by Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc., Baltimore, MD; copyrighted 1976 by the publishers; unpaged + pp 2-29. This is a 5"x7" booklet from the library of Margaret E. (EVANS) SICA, former NAVVF Genealogist.


10) The Seneca Falls of David B. Lum, 1806-187-. Seneca Falls Historical Society, Seneca Falls, New York, publisher, June 1970. This volume of about twenty-two pages was developed from a paper read by D. B. Lum to the Seneca Falls Historical Society. On page 15 he mentions early Seneca Falls doctors: "Dr. VAN VALKEN-BURGH practiced here in 1833;...."

11) The Descendants of the Vanvalkenburghs of Otho, Iowa from Rensselaer County, New York. Compiled by Albert J. HEDEEN (#102 in the descendants list of page 34); privately printed 1994, and received from the compiler July 8, 1994. This paper-covered book has 111 pages and an index. According to the compiler, he has no information as to the parents of Jane VANVALKENBURGH and her brother, John Thomas VANVALKENBURG, who were born in New York State. Jane, born 4 May 1805, married William Taylor 18 June 1825 in Kinderhook, Rensselaer (?) County, New York. (According to my information, it should read, "Columbia County.") Her husband died there January 1851, and was buried 8 Jan 1851. Jane died 17 Dec 1896 in Otho, Webster County, Iowa. William's funeral was conducted by Rev. B. Van Zandt of the Reformed Dutch Church of Kinderhook. Jane joined the church on 30 May 1812 by certificate.

John Thomas VANVALKENBURGH, born 17 Jul 1821 in Rensselaer (?) County, New York, died 11 Sep 1886 in Otho, Webster County, Iowa, and was buried in Otho Cemetery in Otho. He married first Elsie Marie DEBOUGART 4 Jul 1850 in Nassau, Rensselaer County, New York. She was born 22 Feb 1824, and died 26 June 1859 (according to note added, in childbirth).

12) The Dawn of a New Century. Published by the Fulton Savings Bank, Fulton, Oswego County, New York 1971, in observance of a century of service. The Preface, by Frederick Frantz, President of the bank, followed a history of the bank.

Memories of Fulton. The story of Fulton from the pages of recorded history and the recollections of its people is by Miss Grace Lynch, and is included in the body of the publication. On the first page of the history is a section titled, "The Major and the Dutch." It is about Major Lawrence VAN VALKENBURG, who in 1795 was the first "really permanent settler -- a leader in developing the new settlement." He was "a veteran of the American Revolution and a descendant of an old Dutch family in the Hudson Valley," who helped new families in the area to adjust.

It is hoped that our VAN VALKENBURG researchers have some new information from the foregoing descriptions that will guide them in adding to their family histories. More will be available in later issues.


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